Anatomical branches of the superior rectal artery in the distal rectum

Schuurman JP., Go PMNYH., Bleys RLAW.
Colorectal Disease 2009, 11: 967-971

The aim of this experimental study was to study the arterial supply of the corpus cavernosum recti in the inner wall of the distal rectum in relation to haemorrhoidal ligation therapy.

In 10 nonfixed human cadavers, the arterial vasculature of the rectum was studied using the Araldite casting method. Subsequently, the specimens were treated with methylbenzonate in order to obtain semi-transparent specimens in which the corpus cavernosum recti could be studied.

Specimens were obtained permitting study of the arterial vasculature of the rectum and corpus cavernosum recti at all levels. The superior rectal artery was found to sypply the corpus cavernosum recti which consisted of a variable number of equally spaced twisting arteries.

The distal rectum is supplied by the superior rectal artery. The supplying arteries of the corpus cavernosum recti are not confined to the strict locations described in the literature. This finding is of importance in surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal disease.