THD HRStation: advanced anorectal screening

  • THD® HRStation: integrated proctological platform for the screening and diagnosis of anal precancerous lesions
  • THD® HRStation: applications
  • THD® HRStation: features and benefits

THD® HRStation: integrated proctological platform for the screening and diagnosis of anal precancerous lesions

THD® HRStation is the ultimate system with a compact and innovative design for the screening and treatment of precancerous lesions of the anus.

THD® HRStation provides high-resolution videos and images of the anal canal and of the perianal area thanks to the combination of a 4K video camera with a very high performance work station and a dedicated software.

THD® Procto Software

THD® HRStation is based on the specifically developed software THD® Procto Software that allows the user to perform all the diagnostic operations normally carried out during an examination.

The THD® Procto Software suite offers modules for the management of users and patients, and allows the user to draw up a report for each examination. Dual USB pedals allow for easy and intuitive control of the main software functions.

THD® Procto Software is a stand-alone software, Class II medical device, FDA cleared.

THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA & THD® 4K CAM: the best digital vision for HRA

The disposable THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope completes THD® HRStation modular system and eliminates the need for external light sources during the procedure thanks to the built-in LED lighting system.

The wide lateral windows of the THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope ensure easy access to the anal canal for biopsies and surgical treatments performed with the AIN Treatment Module.

Thanks to the high resolution video camera and to the 4K UHD monitor with a 32” display, the operator can view the images reproduced on the screen even from considerable distances.

THD® Smoke Evacuator

THD® Smoke Evacuator is intended to reduce the risk of electrosurgery for healthcare professionals by removing potentially harmful surgical smoke from the air. THD® Smoke Evacuator features 3 ports for maximum versatility of connections, is compact, light-weigh and ultra-quiet.

High Frequency Desiccator

The High Frequency Desiccator is a low-power electrosurgical unit designed for the office setting. This low-maintenance unit is perfect for the treatment of anal dysplasia and other High Resolution Anoscopy procedures.

Electrosurgical Unit for the Electrothermal treatment of AIN lesions

Electrosurgical treatment of anal precancerous lesions usually involves the management of anal lesions by ablation, coagulation or fulguration.

High Resolution Anoscopy allows for the precise identification of the lesions, while the electrosurgical unit makes it possible to remove or reduce the lesions by ablation, fulguration or coagulation.

Thanks to the latest technological advances, electrosurgical removal of AIN lesions can today be performed during High Resolution Anoscopy (HRA) by means of special electrosurgical modules that can be used in combination with different electrosurgical probes.


THD® HRStation: applications

THD® HRStation system is designed for a wide range of applications:

  • Diagnosis
    High resolution anoscopy perfomed with THD® HRStation is one of the most effective examinations for the screening of anal intraepithelial neoplasia, and in particular of anal carcinoma.
    The predefined and adjustable setting of contrast agents optimizes image after administration of Lugol (or acetic acid), thus hightlighting the lesions, which are visible with magnification. During the examination it is indeed possible to enlarge and magnify the view, going from a standard vision of 19X to 39X, up to 58X so as to hightlight even minimal lesions.
  • Biopsy
    In case any lesion is diagnosed during the examination, THD® HRStation allows to carry out a biopsy to identify possible dysplastic cells.
    The wide lateral windows of THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope give easy access the inspected area without the need to remove the camera. This way it is also possible to insert biopsy forceps and perform biopsies with magnified vision.
  • Treatment
    THD® HRStation offers different solutions to perform electrothermal treatment of anal lesions during high-resolution anoscopy by means of special electrosurgical modules. Electrothermal vessel sealing allows to cauterize and thermally close the blood vessels connected to the anal lesion with the aim to eliminate or reduce the blood flow to the lesion itself.

THD® HRStation: features and benefits

The integrated system THD® HRStation and its components offer exclusive features and benefits:

  • Handy and ergonomic:
    • rolling cart equipped with a height adjustment system to adapt to different situations and operators.
    • THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope equipped with large side windows to give easy access to the inspected area and to allow the insertion of forceps without the need to remove the camera.
  • Compact and versatile:
    • the compact dimensions of THD® HRStation allow the specialist to perform examinations and procedures even where space is at premium.
    • examinations can be performed with the patient in different positions (lateral decubitus, prone or dorsal lithotomy position).
    • motion detection video in high resolution and static image acquisition, without the use of additional digital video cameras required with other types of equipment.
    • practical integrated basket for objects, accessories, and instruments.
  • Ready for use:
    • it does not require calibration of single instruments.
    • it has no moving parts that need repairs or periodic maintenance.
    • THD® Light-Scope Procto HRA proctoscope is equipped with built-in LED lighting system.
  • Safe:
    • effective suction of smokes and fluids during electrosurgical procedures.
    • proctoscope and video camera integrally and uniquely connected with high quality and stability of the connection for a precise identification of the anatomical region viewed, without the need for variations in framing, angle and lighting.
    • the rear drag handle provides easy and excellent maneuverability.
    • 4 rotating wheels with integrated brakes ensure safety and stability
    • the images of the anal canal remain centred and focused throughout the entire procedure.
  • Standardized:
    • allows surgeon, assistant, and observers to see the same high-quality images.
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