THD Surgy: surgical anoscope for diagnostic and surgical procedures

THD® Surgy

  • THD® Surgy: features and benefits
  • THD® Surgy: indications
  • THD® Surgy LED Line: a new generation of disposable self-illuminating surgical anoscopes
  • THD® Surgy Mini LED: dimensions
  • THD® Surgy Maxi LED: dimensions

THD® Surgy: features and benefits

In the field of anorectal surgery, the readiness of surgical anoscopes is particularly relevant when the number of concurrent or consecutive cases exceeds the number of available instruments.

THD® Surgy Mini and THD® Surgy Maxi are disposable surgical anoscopes tailored for the needs of the colorectal and general surgeons who perform anorectal procedures.

They ease the assessment and treatment of most proctological conditions thanks to exclusive features and benefits:

  • Wide lateral opening:
    • superior dilation for improved access to the treated area
    • optimal visualization and illumination of the anal canal and the operative field
  • Atraumatic and ergonomic design:
    • easy access to the anus with gentle retraction of the anal mucosa
    • no lateral stretching of the sphincters with increased patient comfort
  • High-grade transparent ABS plastic material:
    • superior visibility and improved illumination for better control during the procedure
    • increased safety: no burns from accidental contact between electrical cautery and traditional metal retractors
  • Asymmetrical design:
    • the anal canal is elongated laterally, proving the mucosa minimal prolapse within the operative field
  • Fully disposable and single-use:
    • increased safety thanks to the reduced risk of cross-contamination
    • cost-effective with no need to replace broken or misplaced parts
  • Sterile and ready to use:
    • cost-effective with no cleaning and sterilization costs
    • elimination of clinician reprocessing times
    • increased patient throughput
  • Available with two different sizes: mini and maxi size
    • versatile in use
    • THD Surgy Mini: suitable for patients with sphincter hypertonia or anal stenosis

THD® Surgy: indications

THD® Surgy Maxi and THD® Surgy Mini are sterile and disposable surgical anoscopes designed to be used for proctology procedures by qualified physicians, aware of the procedures, of their clinical applications and of the risks associated.

THD® Surgy retractors are particularly useful to ensure optimal exposure of the anorectal mucosa during surgical procedures in the anal canal.

THD® Surgy Maxi is an ideal disposable device for proctological needs both in the outpatient and in the OR setting.

THD® Surgy Mini features the same benefits and applications of THD® Surgy Maxi with smaller dimensions to allow easier introduction of the device, in particular for patients presenting sphincter hypertonia and anal stenosis.


THD® Surgy LED Line: a new generation of disposable self-illuminating surgical anoscopes

Anorectal surgical procedures are often performed with inadequate illumination. Light delivery systems in anorectal surgery have made slow progress moving from the ceiling to the surgeon’s forehead.

Fiber optic reusable instruments are still expensive to purchase and cumbersone, requiring additional light source and cables during the procedure, and require cleaning and sterilization after each procedure.

To help healthcare professionals overcome these issues, THD has designed a specific surgical anoscope with a built-in LED light: THD® Surgy Mini LED and THD® Surgy Maxi LED.

Self-illuminated surgical anoscopes provide a superior and targeted illumination, unobstructed by intervening shadows or blinding light reflection from the shiny parts of metal retractors. THD® Surgy LED surgical anoscopes free the surgeons from fiber optic cables and external light sources.

Either as a back-up solution or integrated into each anorectal procedure both THD® Surgy Mini and Maxi LED allow for faster and more accurate inspection and surgery of the anal canal.


THD® Surgy Mini LED: dimensions

STERILE 122 mm 23x85 mm
NON-STERILE 122 mm 23x85 mm

THD® Surgy Maxi LED: dimensions

STERILE 122 mm 28x85 mm
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