THD N-Ano & THD N-Ano Maxi: fully-disposable self-illuminating diagnostic anoscopes

THD® N-Ano

  • THD® N-Ano: features and benefits
  • THD® N-Ano: indications
  • THD® N-Ano: dimensions

THD® N-Ano: features and benefits

THD® N-Ano is a diagnostic self-illuminated anoscope with exclusive features and benefits:

  • Small diameter:
    • increased patient comfort
    • suitable for patients presenting with sphincter hypertonia
  • Atraumatic profile:
    • ease of insertion
    • increased patient comfort
  • Frosted end tip:
    • enhanced illumination
    • optimal visualization
  • Self-illuminated with built-in lighting system:
    • optimal illumination of the inspected area
    • no need for external light source
  • Cold LED light-source:
    • no risk of overheating during use
  • Lighting system activated by a user-friendly removable tab:
    • handy and easy to use
  • Fully disposable and single use:
    • increased safety thanks to the reduced risk of cross-contamination
  • Ready to use:
    • no cleaning and sterilization costs
    • elimination of clinician reprocessing times
    • increased patient throughput
  • Stand-alone system:
    • no need for costly spare parts

THD® N-Ano: indications

The THD® N-Ano Anoscopes are intended for physician use to examine the anal sphincters, anus, and rectum, as well as to perform various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


THD® N-Ano: dimensions

  • THD® N-Ano
    Length: 65 mm (2.56 in)
    Diameter: 21.7 mm (0.85 in)
  • THD® N-Ano Maxi
    A wider bore version of THD® N-Ano
    Length: 72 mm (2.83 in)
    Diameter: 25.8 mm (1.01 in)
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